We're Grateful

Hello, Veteran. Yes, we’re grateful for what you did to preserve our freedom, enduring separation and loneliness. You may have come home safely without combat experience, but perhaps you saw bloody battles and the broken, mangled bodies of comrades. Maybe you were gravely wounded. Perhaps the terrors of prison camp haunt your memory. It may be that you suffer even today from injuries received in the military. Whatever your circumstances, we thank you for serving and are glad you came home.

Have you ever wondered if it is true that a good and faithful serviceman or servicewoman who dies for our country is assured an escape from Hell and an eternity in Heaven?

And, if it is true that those who die in battle go to Heaven, what about those who face death willingly but are not killed? Would it not be as reasonable to expect that they, too, will go to Heaven?

And what about a soldier who, though willing to give his life for Uncle Sam, survives but swears and drinks and has no use for God, Christ or the Bible? Will he go to Heaven anyway?

You say, “No.” And right you are. But if those who die in battle go to Heaven, then in the name of justice, the others, because they have been willing to die, ought to go to Heaven also, regardless of the way they live or their attitude toward the Lord Jesus Christ.

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