Two Kinds of Death

“And you hath He quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins”  (Ephesians 2:1).

Have you been quickened?  Not, when did you join a church, turn over a new leaf, take communion, or try to do better, but—when were you born again?  You haven’t been? Then
You Are Dead!
Suppose we have before us a casket, in which lies the body of a dead man.  He is dead physically; you are dead spiritually.  He is separated from this world; you are separated from God.  You say, “I don’t feel dead.”  Neither does the corpse.  Your feelings have nothing to do with it.  You don’t have to feel dead to be dead.  The corpse is dead “in the coffin.”  You are dead “in sins.”  You are a sinner by nature.  Some are Irish by nature.  Others are Swedish, French, or English by nature.  But ALL men are sinners, “children of wrath” (Ephesians 2:3), by nature.  It is as natural for you to sin as it is for a fish to swim.  “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).  My friend, you are a guilty sinner before God.

You say, “I have no bad habits.”  Neither does the corpse.  He doesn’t lie, steal, swear or gamble.  There is nothing wrong with him, except one thing—he is dead.  That’s serious.  They bury dead people.

You live a clean, normal life?  Nothing much wrong with you, except—you are dead, lost and headed for God’s cemetery, the lake of fire, where you will spend eternity!  Friend, your condition before God is far more serious than you think.

Talk to the corpse about a delicious steak dinner or a fine fishing trip in the northern lakes, but from him there is no response.  He is dead to, or separated from, the pleasures and enjoyments of this life.  If one should speak to you about Bible study and prayer meetings, from you there would be no response.  When you do go to a prayer meeting, you do not enjoy it—you endure it.  You are as separated from the joys and blessings of the Christian life as the corpse is from the things of this world.  He has no desire to eat.  You have no appetite for the Bible.  He cannot enjoy the things of this physical life.  You cannot enjoy the things of the spiritual life.  You go to church because it is one of your “duties,” not because you get a blessing out of hearing the Word of God explained.

You Need Life!
In order to enjoy the things that accompany physical life, the dead man needs physical life.  To enjoy spiritual things, you need spiritual life.  A lady said to me, “All that is necessary to be saved is to live the life.”  I answered, “Lady, you cannot live the life until you first have it.”

The only One who can put that life into the corpse is the Lord Jesus.  No organization or individual on earth can do it.  No church, no religion can give you spiritual life.  No one can but the Lord Jesus.  The dead man cannot raise himself up.  Neither can you bring yourself out of spiritual death.

We might baptize the corpse and write his name on the church book, but that will not give him life.  So, you might join a church, be baptized, take communion, but unless you have been “quickened,” you are still dead.  THINK OF IT!  LOST!  And yet, perhaps you have been religious all your life.  It isn’t religion you need, it is LIFE.

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