A Would Be Suicide

He had already written the good-bye notes to loved ones. Luther Cook planned to end his life that night.
As he sat in a New York cafe sipping a cup of coffee, he scarcely noticed a teenage girl sharing his table until he was startled to see her bow her head and thank God for the food.
He thought of his childhood days when his godly parents took him to church faithfully and conducted family devotions. Luther became a successful musician, playing the timpani (kettledrums) in several symphony orchestras under some of the world’s greatest conductors.
He drifted into sin and became a slave of booze and lust. “I can take a drink or I can leave it alone,” he boasted.
One day a friend challenged him to prove that he could leave it alone. To his dismay he found that he could not. All the so called “cures” failed to deliver him.
He realized he could not continue in professional music the way he was going. Finally, in the depths of despondency, he decided to end it all.
When the girl lifted her head he said to her, “Where did you learn that custom?”
She looked him right in the eye and asked, “Have you been born again?”
He was astonished at her question, but he knew what she meant. He said, “When I was about your age, I made a profession of faith in Christ.”
“But, Mister, it isn’t professing Christ that saves anybody; you must possess Him!”
There was another painful silence as the full force of the girl’s words smote him, and then she added, “It seems to me that you need to get under the preaching of God’s Word.”
“I suppose you are right. What church would you recommend?”
“Come to my church.” she said and gave him the pastor’s name.
Luther thanked her and left the cafe, his head in a whirl. He walked the streets of New York, and all he could seem to hear or think was, “It isn’t professing Christ that saves anybody, you must possess Him!”
That night he went to church for the first time in over twenty-five years. The sermon was from John 1:12, “But as many as received Him, to them gave HE power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.”
“As I listened to that blessed text,” said Luther, “I realized that possessing Christ and receiving Him meant the same thing.”.

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