A Tribute To Mother
“Her children arise up, and call her blessed.”  Proverbs 31:28
My mother went home to Heaven at age 91. To this day, it is impossible for me to adequately describe her godly life and all that her memory means to me.
She gave me to God before I was born; and as soon as I was able to understand the plan of salvation, she led me to the Savior.
Mother never graduated from high school, but she taught me many things I could never have learned in our institutions of higher learning. She never sang in the choir, but at home—where it really counted—her life was a constant song. She was sweet, cheerful and supremely happy in the Lord.
Words of Wisdom
My mother told me, “Paul, when you grow up and get married, be good to your wife. Tell her often that you love her.”
“Paul, don’t ever borrow money–unless you have to. If you want something you can get along without, don’t buy it on credit. Wait until you can pay for it—then buy it.”
She taught me that promises that could not be kept should not be made. In other words, she believed it was better to act without promising than to promise without acting! However, she made an allowance for unforeseen difficulties in this way:   “Always try to pay your debts before they are due. But if you find that you owe someone on a certain date and you can’t pay it, walk right up to that person and pay something–even if it’s only a dollar or two. Tell him you’re sorry you can’t pay it all–and pay it as soon as you can.”
Words of Encouragement
As a little boy, I used to come home from church and “practice” preaching. Pastor Fred Nelson used to have a lot of steam in the pulpit, and I secretly wanted to preach just like he did. I’d rig up a pulpit of some chairs or a box, and I’d holler and yell and wave my arms. Mother never ridiculed this “preaching.” Rather, she always encouraged me and, in this way, brought me up to be a preacher.
When I left home at the age of 14, Mother made it as easy for me to leave as possible. She didn’t allow me to see her weep; she just patted me on the back and said, “God bless you, son. Remember . . . you belong to Him, and whatever He wants you to do, do it!” Never once did she put any hindrance in my way as I sought to do God’s will to the best of my understanding.
I never saw her much after that—only when I’d come home for brief visits. She heard me preach my first sermon when I was 15. Just to see her in the audience was a tremendous incentive to serve God to the best of my ability.

Words Spoken In Prayer, Answered Prayer are two other topics with a challenge How About You?

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