Born Again
To be born again means you receive a heavenly birth. It literally means “born from above”.
Will You Live Forever?
The question is – where? 
It can be Heaven – it’s up to you!
The Gift
The Gift
You’d be surprised
if you knew how many
blessings God wants to give you.
20 Its Free hd
It’s Free

What Is Free?
Salvation Is Free!

I John 5:11 – “This is the record, that
God hath given to us eternal life.”

The New Birth
Have YOU been born again?
Without the new birth,
you have no hope of escaping
the terrors of Hell or enjoying the glories of Heaven.
Coupon Faith?
The young mother stood
at the cash register.
You could almost hear the laughter in her eyes. Her grocery cart had been full. Item after item was unloaded and tabulated.