Born Again
To be born again means you receive a heavenly birth. It literally means “born from above”.
Have You Received
God’s Gift?
A gift must be received in
order to be enjoyed!
You need God’s Gift because you need a Savior. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).
You Can Know!
WHERE are the dead?
Are their spirits alive?
What about Heaven?  Hell?
What will become of me when I die?
Are You Afraid?
“It’s fun to be scared!” That is what a girl said, after she walked down a very dark street. The shadows from the trees and bushes made everything look different. When you are in the dark everything can look scary.
The New Birth
Have YOU been born again?
Without the new birth,
you have no hope of escaping
the terrors of Hell or enjoying the glories of Heaven.
Coupon Faith?
The young mother stood
at the cash register.
You could almost hear the laughter in her eyes. Her grocery cart had been full. Item after item was unloaded and tabulated.